Minnesota’s exceptional Twin Cities Bridal Show nominated for 6 awards

Stunning dresses on stage at the Twin Cities Bridal Fashion Show

Congratulations to The Wedding Guys, one of  BSPI’s exemplary bridal show producing members, for their accomplishment!

The International Special Events Society (ISES) –Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter produces the Minnesota STAR Awards to recognize outstanding professionals in the special event industry for all of the events they create, plan, manage and execute each year. Open to any Minnesota based company, The Wedding Guys® have been nominated for the the following awards:

For the Twin Cities Bridal Show:

Best Public Event

Best Technical Production

Best Use of Marketing/Graphic Design

Best Event Filmmaking

Best Team Effort


For Randy to the Rescue – The Ultimate Bridal Event:

Best Event Logistics

A Stunning High End Fashion show presented by Twin Cities Bridal Show

For More information on The Wedding Guys, Twin Cities Bridal Show, & Randy To the Rescue Visit their websites.


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Bridal Show Producer’s International Conference in Florida May 2014

The 19th Annual Bridal Show Producer’s International conference is coming to Ft Lauderdale, Fl in May.

Does learning more to help your shows be more successful while having access to Sun, Sand, and Sailing sound intriguing? Mark your calendars and watch your favorite airline for airfare deals! Our 2014 conference will be May 1-2-3, 2014 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Bill Heaton, has planned an awesome conference at the Westin Beach Resort and Spa, which is just across the street from the ocean.

Conferences are for members only, so visit our BSPI website and find out how to become a member. The association was formed by bridal show producers for bridal show producers and will inspire and encourage you in the knowledge your will gain and the friendships you will make.

As you prepare for the conference, explore all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer! Visit HELLO SUNNY!


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Here’s what Bridal Show Producers are talking about…

These are recent forum topics on which BSPi Members have shared opinions. (Want to join the conversation?)

  • I want to raise my booth price, and maybe my ticket price. Is that too risky right now? Have you done it recently?
  • How should I handle this unethical competitor? Here’s what he did…
  • How can I get my vendors to promote my bridal show on their Facebook pages?
  • My venue booked a competing bridal show 30 days after mine. Has this happened to you? Do I have any recourse?
  • Is it a mistake to limit the number of photographers in my bridal show?
  • As a BSPi member, I know I can attend Wedding MBA free. Who do I contact?

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5 Ways to Make your Honeymoon Luxurious

After attending bridal shows, cake tastings, bachelor(ette) parties, after marrying the love of your life at your wedding and dancing the night away at your reception, you’re off on your honeymoon!

Forbes Magazine released a list of the Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations in 2005. I know what two words you’re thinking. “Honeymoon budget.” Let me show how you can emulate some of the Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations without going over your budget.

Forbes describes each honeymoon destination in detail. Read the summarized descriptions of just five locations and think about what appeals to you most about that honeymoon destination. Then apply it to your upcoming honeymoon. We want you to embark on one of the most important journeys together—we want the both of you to enter your paradise.

Amanjena means “peaceful paradise.” Open-air fountains flank the entrance, which is sheltered by palm and olive trees. The architecture, particularly the rose-colored walls and open-air buildings, was modeled on the Moorish packed-earth buildings that once crowded Marrakech. Reflecting pools and the guests’ pavilions radiate out from the bassin, the central-heated swimming pool.

Recreate your paradise by thinking of what aesthetically pleases the both of you. What types of architecture do you like? Modern, Victorian, Art Deco? Which body of water relaxes you? Oceans, lakes, rivers, and/or pools? What little things can you bring or buy to make your hotel or bed and breakfast a paradise. Candles, chocolate, flowers?

New York can be one of the most romantic cities in the world, but there’s nothing sexier than feeling like you own it. The Four Seasons knows how exhausting a honeymoon can be, which is why packing and unpacking services are offered free of charge. You can call ahead to request to have a romantic selection of CDs and DVDs waiting for you upon arrival.

Does your paradise include being waited on hand and foot? Can’t afford room service or butler? Take turns waiting on each other! You can do this very romantically too, you know.

Does your paradise include your favorite technology? A great honeymoon present for the both of you is buying an iPad, mp3 player, or even upgrading your cell phone into a smart phone. If you have one of these already, bring it along to the honeymoon. These devices can enhance your honeymoon by playing your favorite music and watching your favorite shows after a long day of adventuring, sight-seeing, etc. Just promise you won’t be doing work while you’re on your honeymoon.

Lémuria Resort of Praslin: A three-tiered pool leads down to the ocean, and guests can play tennis, windsurf or kayak, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and mountain biking.



If you both love to keep busy, find your paradise that offers new or favorite activities. Packages are generally affordable. Ask if you substitute certain activities for another if there are some you’re not comfortable. What about there’s one thing you want to do but your partner doesn’t or vice versa? Compromise. Take scuba-diving. Try snorkeling together first and then see if you or your loved one is now willing to try scuba-diving.

What kind of activities are out there?  Compile a list by reflecting on your relationship journey. Think of your favorite dates. Anything you’d want to do again? Think of what you have talked about with one another—your wishes, desires, to-dos. Now is one of the best times because you’ll be acting on your wishes and desires together.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve, a private game reserve, in South Africa takes its name from the Sand River, which winds through it, and you’ll see lions, elephants and hippopotamus all in a day’s work. The best part? You don’t have to give up your creature comforts to see the creatures.


Do animals belong in your paradise? Wherever your honeymoon may be, try to find a local zoo, game reserve, bird sanctuary, aquarium, etc. Going on a road trip or not traveling too far by plane? Why not take your pet(s) with you? Do your research and find pet-friendly airlines and hotels and make sure your vehicle is spacious enough for you newlyweds and your furry friends.

Uma Paro: Yoga, hiking, holistic therapy and trips to annual festivals are just part of the experience at Uma Paro. And the stunning scenery and modern accommodations give you a chance to breathe deeply and connect with each other’s inner Buddhist.


Make your paradise a spiritual journey! If you and your partner share the same spiritual beliefs, why not strengthen your relationship and yourself at your honeymoon? Talk to the head of your place of worship and see if there are any couples’ retreats, religious pilgrimages, anything that the both of you will find rewarding.

Read more Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations to see if any other places sparks your and your significant other’s interests, dreams, fantasies. Save this list for future anniversary vacations and/or vow renewals. Any place can be your paradise!

Pictures and Descriptions © Forbes Magazine

Commentary © Bridal Show Producers International

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7 reasons to be a BSPI Associate Member

If you exhibit at bridal shows on a national basis or offer a product or service to bridal show producers, becoming an associate member of Bridal Show Producers International is a logical step. Here are seven reasons why you should become a BSPI Associate Member!

  1. Bridal Show Producers International is the only organization which strives to further the interests of the bridal show industry.
  2. Since 1996, BSPI has provided our members a forum for improving their shows, obtaining advice, and increasing their profits.
  3. Membership in BSPI affords you the opportunity to network with bridal show producers from all over the world and secure opportunities to reach your target market.
  4. Associate membership includes the opportunity to promote your business at our annual BSPI conference.
  5. Since couples-to-be usually attend one bridal show, they attend the best bridal show out there and it is a BSPI-produced show!
  6. Here is one new associate member’s testimony:

    Bruce Thiebauth, Bill Bosch of Cash Flow Management, Inc., and Don Freedman

    I have to admit that I was not sure how the whole (BSPI Conference) event would go, but to my surprise it was great.  I got to meet some wonderful people, they were all very nice and friendly, and I even picked up a couple of new clients.  I was not expecting the latter part.  Usually one has to be an associate member for some time prior to picking up clients.  I was more than stunned when I arrived home to find new clients. -Bill Bosch, Cash Flow Management, Inc.

  7. Let’s see your business name on the list of current BSPI Associate Members:

Carico International Inc.

Cash Flow Management, Inc.

Wedding University/The Wedding Marketing Blog


Get Married LLC

Men’s Wearhouse and Moore’s Clothing for Men


Premier Bride

Royal Prestige

Shoff Darby Companies, Inc.

The Knot

WeddingWire, Inc.



Applicants must give references and subscribe to our Code of Ethics. To apply for membership in BSPI, click here to request a membership application. For more details, please contact our Membership Director, Don Freedman, at Don@33bride.com.

We look forward to having you as a member!

© Bridal Show Producers International

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